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Updated WordPress

Once you figure out how to set it up correctly, it isn’t as much of a nightmare that I thought it could be.  The insistence on using FTP to perform updates is annoying, even if you make all the files writable, but it turns out a simple change to wp-config.php is all that’s required (would be nice if the documentation mentioned it).

I also decided to update the theme, just to make all the ‘Updates available!!!’ prompts go away, and… I really don’t like the updated Redline theme.  Switched to a more standard one, though I missed the old theme; the theme being used here now just seems a little too basic for my liking :/  Oh well, it works.

I must say though, I’m quite impressed with the theme editor in WordPress now, and how easy it is to preview and make changes to themes.  The “live preview editor” is a bit basic at this stage, but I presume it will improve.

Oh, and there’s now a highly relevant image added to the header.  I’m glad you like it.

Anyway, that’s it for a rarely seen blog post from me.