Office 2010

Installed Office 2010 on all three of my computers yesterday (my main computer, parents’ computer and my netbook), after finding a way to activate Office without using the KMS service.  Bit of a shame that our MSDNAA doesn’t have Office, though they do have Project, Visio and Access (and maybe some other Office apps).

Initially installed 64-bit Office on my main machine, but later realised that MS doesn’t provide a 64-bit version of its common controls library (interestingly, it seems to be one of the few issues with 64-bit as opposed to 32-bit), so had to uninstall and install the 32-bit version.  Am a bit surprised with MS not including support for common controls in 64-bit Office – maybe someone will make some 64-bit components, which emulate the 32-bit behaviour (though, that has an issue that users of your “Office macro apps” will need to have this library installed).

Otherwise, I don’t terribly see that much of a difference between 2007 and 2010, so I guess upgrading is kinda moot (but of course, it’s cool, no?).  Heck, my workplace is still migrating from 2003 to 2007.

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