Switched internet plans

Stuck in a churn request to switch internet plans a few days ago.  I’m moving from TPG’s 30+30GB (on/off peak) 512kbps plan to Exetel’s 15+”120″GB (on/off peak) 1.5Mbps plan (it’s more like 100GB off peak, since it’s like impossible to get 120GB through a 1.5Mbps line in 6 hours per day for 31 days).  Both plans cost AU$40/mo.

Transfer completed now, but unfortunately, I still seem to be getting slow speeds at night 🙁 so I guess the speeds are really a Telstra issue, rather than an ISP one, which sucks, cause Telstra never fixes anything.

It does seem to be mostly going fine during the off peak time though, peaking at around 156KB/sec, averaging around 135KB/sec (which I guess is kinda crap, but probably Telstra’s issue again).

Unfortunately, TPG seemed to want a 30 day notification period or something, so we get charged a bit for that 🙁

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