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Dual Monitor Displays

UPDATE: Ooh, actually, I’ve found something nice – dual monitors are pretty sweet for virtualisation!  Run VirtualBox on the second screen, full screen.

I’m not technically “advanced” in the sense that I have a lot of gadgets or whatnot.  As such, I just have a single 19″ 4:3 LCD screen display (a bit annoying that you can’t really get any more new 4:3 displays these days).

As the rest of the family is out for the weekend, I decided to try out a dual monitor display, taking the 23″ 16:9 display (I must say, I really don’t like 16:9 for normal use) as the main monitor, and the other 19″ as the secondary.

Thing is, since I never use dual monitors, the other screen is basically sitting here doing nothing…  So I’m left with the wonderful choice of trying to figure out something to put there…